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Designed to provide entertaining and in-depth insights into hot art-world topics. Daily panel discussions, lectures, films and interviews feature leading experts from around the country, including curators, critics, collectors and artists. One-hour sessions are created for all arts enthusiasts, from the novice to the most knowledgeable collector.

Wednesday, September 12th:

7:30 PMWhat Lies Between: Contemporary Asian American Art, Politics,
and the Social Value of Collecting

Location: Asia Society Texas Center, Edward Rudge Allen III Education Center, 1370 Southmore Boulevard

Moderated by Kimberly Davenport, Director & Curator, Rice University Art Gallery, Houston. With a distinguished history of individual and institutional collecting, coupled with profound shifts in demography and a robust economy, Houston is poised to become a vital hub for contemporary Asian American art. What does this portend for “traditional” relationships between collectors and artists? Against the backdrop of Asia Society Texas Center’s inaugural exhibition, Contemporary Asian Art: Texas Connections, join native Houstonians, artist Mel Chin and collector Jereann Chaney for a lively discussion exploring artistic practice, the social value of collecting, and the ties that bind.

Panelists: Mel Chin, artist (Burnsville, North Carolina), & Jereann Chaney, collector (Houston, Texas)

Friday, September 14th:

12 PMFrom Vision to Reality: Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Location: HFAF theater.
Presented by Don Bacigalupi, Director, The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Don Bacigalupi will introduce us to The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, which opened with great anticipation in November of 2011 in Bentonville, Arkansas. Crystal Bridges’ Moshe Safdie designed building unites art and landscape. Its collection offers a superb overview of American art including American masterworks as well as surprising, lesser-known gems from the colonial era to contemporary work.

1 PMCuratorial talk MFAH Core Factor with Brad Bucher and Victoria Lightman

Location: Talk will be held in the MFAH Core Factor exhibition space on the fair floor.

2 PM – Art As Investment

Location: HFAF theater.
Moderated by Fran Kaufman. An exploration of the economic and emotional investment in an artwork, and how we balance them.

Panelists: Brad Bucher, Private Collector; Tabitha Doby, Partner and Director of Appraisals, MKG Art Management; Barbara Gamson, Private Collector, Houston; Edward Boyer, Edward Boyer Associates.

4 PM – Art Business

Location: HFAF theater.
Moderated by Janet Moore, Rice University

  • Panelists: Ian Peck, CEO & Founder, Art Capital Group; James Weston, Associate Professor of Finance, Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University, Katja Zigerlig, VP, Art, Wine & Jewelry, Private Client Group, Chartis Insurance& Gabriela Palmieri, Senior Vice President, Contemporary Art, Sotheby’s, New York.

sponsored by the Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University.

Saturday, September 15th:

12 PMTrading Ideas: The Curator and the Art Market

Location: HFAF theater.

Discussion with Claudia Schmuckli, Director & Chief Curator, Blaffer Art Museum at the University of Houston, and Michelle White, Curator, the Menil Collection.

A discussion of issues of curatorial practice in the context of the ever increasing number and importance of art fairs for the appreciation of contemporary art. The discussion will address opportunities and challenges in the context of both collecting and non-collecting institutions while also high-lighting the role of independent curators and curatorial programming within the art fair setting.

1:15 PM – Artist as Designer: The role of function and design in contemporary art. Presented by Rebecca Kong of Artware Editions.

Location: HFAF theater.

Presented by Rebecca Kong, co-founder of Artware Editions which is a leading gallery in this niche. She will present a brief history, examples of collaborations, and an understanding of design’s place in the art market. Kong will give a visual presentation of how contemporary artists confront functionality in their work.

2 PMDefining Reality: Art and the Discussion of it Online

Location: HFAF theater.

Moderated by Michael Petry, Director of MOCA London.

In an age where the visual and the real are in a state of slippage, where the margin is the mainstream, how can we find new language to speak about what we see online? Are the works depicted online as real as when we actually see them, when in reality they exist for many more (potentially millions) people as virtual images than as encounters with the work in the flesh? What is it people are responding to when an artist’s work is digitized, and how does that differ from digital art? These and many other questions about online art will be raised by the panel discussion.

Panelists: Kelly Klaasmeyer, Editor of Glasstire; Tyler Rudick, Staff Writer, CultureMap

3 PMA Conversation with Cheech Marin

Location: HFAF theater.

Primarily known as an actor, director and performer (half of the comedy team Cheech and Chong) Marin has developed the finest private collection of Chicano art in the country. He states, “Chicano art is American art. My goal is to bring Chicano to the forefront of the art world.” His traveling exhibition, broke attendance records during its groundbreaking 15 city tour during 2007-2011. He has authored three books on the topic. At HFAF, he curates the Thomas Paul Gallery booth to introduce the next generation of gifted Chicano artists, all of whom are from Texas.

4 PMArt & the City: Building a Public Collection

Location: HFAF theater.

Moderated by Matthew Lennon, Director of Civic Art and Design, Houston Arts Alliance.

Sunday, September 16th:

12 PMThe Mainstream and Other: Collecting Photography

Location: HFAF theater.

Moderated by Wendy Watriss, Artistic Director & Co-Founder of Fotofest International. The panel on Collecting Photography will look at the history of photography collecting, the state of the fine art photography market today, who is collecting photography, and how gallerists decide on who they represent and why.

Panelists: Anne Tucker, Gus & Lyndall Wortham Curator of Photography, MFAH; Maria Ines Sicardi, Sicardi Gallery; John MacMohan, photography collector and venture capitalist, NYC; Paul Kopeikin, Kopeikin Gallery.

2 PMHouston Film Society Showing

Location: HFAF theater.

4 PMA Conversation with Trenton Doyle Hancock, 2012 HFAF Artist of The Year

Location: HFAF theater.

HFAF Artist of the Year & Alison de Lima Greene, Curator, Contemporary Art and Special Projects, MFAH.

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